The Benefits of Honey

The Benefits of Honey | The Refreshanista Blog
Let me start by saying I love honey. It has this almost-magical quality to it: its sticky golden shimmer, the process in which it was made, its wholesome sweetness. Just amazing. It also tastes good in EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything.
I like to buy mine from the farmers’ market from a local farmer, I feel that it’s important to support the people in your own community and you get to see who helped make the jar of honey you’re buying! Also, some say taking local honey can help with pollen allergies by providing small doses of the pollen and therefore helping to make you immune, kind of like a vaccine. I’ve researched this claim and it is not that well supported by evidence but it is a possibility.
From the time we are little, we know honey in a hot cup of tea is the perfect cure for a cold.

 Well it isn’t just what our moms believed in!
There is quite a bit of evidence that honey has antibacterial properties. These bacteria-killing proteins help fight off pathogens and can therefore prevent us from getting sick and help us heal faster. Honey has been shown to be beneficial for children with coughing symptoms when taken orally and also for wound healing when applied topically.
Next time you’re feeling under the weather, add a spoonful of honey to your tea or hot water!
What’s your favourite way to use honey?

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