Boosting Your Mood with Vitamin D

Boosting Your Mood With Vitamin D- feeling sluggish? Here's why you should give vitamin D a try! | The Refreshanista

Vitamin D

Hey there! Super excited to write this post for you all because supplementing with Vitamin D has made a drastic change in my own life and it may help in your life too!

I’ve always noticed I feel more anxious, depressed, and lethargic in the wintertime. I live in Canada and the East Coast gets hit with a lot of snow and very little sunshine during the winter months, making this time dreary and cold. I went through a rough bout of anxiety this past winter and was searching for anything that could boost my mood and get me out of bed. That’s when my lovely friend Cara mentioned taking Vitamin D supplements. It made so much sense! I started taking 1,000 IU daily (I like¬†this one) and noticed a huge change. I didn’t sleep so much and I felt happier. I still take the supplements everyday to keep my energy high and my mood bright ūüôā Here is the science to support and explain it:

Many Canadians are deficient:¬†according to¬†Statistics Canada, 40% of Canadians are deficient in Vitamin D during the winter and 25% are deficient in the summer. That’s a huge number of people! We don’t get as much sun up North, so it’s more difficult to receive adequate Vitamin D from the sun alone.

Vitamin D can help people with “Winter Blues”: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is characterized by depression that correlates with particular seasons, usually during the wintertime.¬†Studies¬†have shown that Vitamin D supplementation can decrease depression in people with SAD.

Higher vitamin D levels can mean happier thoughts: A very recent study found that the higher levels of Vitamin D in healthy young adult women, the less depressive symptoms they had.

So if you’re feeling sad and sluggish lately, try getting some extra sunshine {around 10-30 minutes} and supplementing!

If you find yourself feeling chronically feeling down, it’s a good idea to see your doctor.