How To Get Rid of a Stomach Ache Naturally

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Nausea and vomiting is the worst! When you’re feeling sick, there are several fantastic natural remedies you can use to soothe your stomach ache. I have tried all of these remedies and they truly help bring you back to feeling normal much quicker than waiting it out! Pin this post so you can find it when you need it 🙂 

Ginger– ginger is a miracle-worker when it comes to an upset stomach. Many pregnant women use ginger to quell nausea. While it’s a common “remedy”, the ginger ale in the stores likely doesn’t have enough ginger to be helpful. Instead, pour boiling water over a few thin slices of fresh ginger to make a tea. You can also take Gravol ginger tablets if you don’t like the taste of ginger!Peppermint– peppermint is a soothing herb for a sore stomach. It has a cooling effect to help relieve the sourness of a stomach ache. A great way to enjoy peppermint is an herbal tea.Chamomile tea– chamomile is a flower that has a smooth and light taste when roasted and made into a tea. It has soothing properties that help with digestion. Chamomile tea is one of my favourites when I’m feeling icky!
Licorice root– this root is known for being especially helpful in reducing stomach acid. If you’re experiencing heartburn or your stomach is feeling sour- try some liquorice tea!

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Here’s to feeling better soon!


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  1. LOVE this post! I always get stomach aches, so this is perfect for me! Yogi Tea is one of my absolute favs, but I’ve never tried their Licorice Tea before – definitely putting it on my grocery list!

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