Coconut Oil: 5 Facts + 5 Ways

Coconut Oil: 5 Facts + 5 Ways | The Refreshanista

Coconut Oil: 5 Facts + 5 Ways

Happy Saturday!

Let’s talk about coconut oil! It has been all the rage lately and people are touting as a cure for everything {I’m looking at you, Pinterest}. Since there’s no way some oil from a coconut could really cure everything I’ve done the research and found some scientifically proven benefits of coconut oil to share with you all. Important note: these facts are for VIRGIN/UNREFINED coconut oil 🙂

5 Facts:

1. Coconut oil protects your hair: Coconut oil has been shown to prevent protein loss from your locks, and was much better at doing so than mineral oil and sunflower oil. Researchers believe this is due to the size of the fatty acid chains, they penetrate the hair shaft easily.

2. Coconut oil is good for a healthy heart: There is evidence that taking coconut oil can help prevent blood pressure elevations.

3. Help your body fight free radicals: Studies have shown that taking coconut oil can increase your body’s ability to fight free radicals by increasing the body’s antioxidant status and therefore preventing protein and lipid oxidation.

4. It has antimicrobial properties: There is evidence that coconut oil can help ward off infections and fungus. A study on atopic dermatitis {dry skin with frequent fungal eczema breakouts} found that virgin coconut oil application aided in reducing the amount of fungus.

5. Use it to get rid of belly fat: A study of women, ages 20-40, found that those who took 30ml of coconut oil daily had a greater reduction in waist circumference compared to the groups taking soybean oil. Researches believe that coconut oil promotes waist reduction.

5 Ways:

1. Coconut & Honey hair mask: Heat a tablespoon or two {depending on how much hair you have} of coconut oil. I like to do this by placing the spoonful in a mason jar and setting the mason jar in a bowl of hot water. Add a teaspoon of honey, screw the lid on the jar, and shake! Once the honey is well-mixed with the coconut oil, pour a small amount of the mixture into your palm and apply to the ends of your hair. Keep pouring a little at a time and work your way up to the roots. Once your hair is fully coated, let it sit for at least half an hour {I like to do this on days I’m not going out and tie my hair up to let it sink in for hours}. Rinse then shampoo twice and condition as normal.

2. Use it as your cooking oil: the easiest way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet is to use it as your cooking oil! It has a fairly high smoke point and the mildly coconutty taste brings out the flavours in your food.

3. Take a spoonful!: if it doesn’t gross you out, then the next easiest way to increase your intake is to just take a tablespoon orally. I find the texture is less off-putting if you melt the oil first. You can even add it to your coffee or tea!

4. Apply to dry skin and eczema: you only need a little bit! Take about a half-teaspoon amount of solid coconut oil and let it soften in your palm, then gently dab onto affected areas of your skin. If you are applying it to a large area, continue taking small amounts and applying until you have covered the area. It is slightly greasy at first but it soaks in within a few minutes!

5.  Coconut & Sugar scrub: take a large spoonful of coconut oil and place in a bowl. Stir in raw sugar {you can use other sugars but raw sugar will give you the best scrubbing action} until it forms a paste. Massage onto skin in circular motions and rinse off.

-XO, Mel

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