Cilantro and Honey Sesame Cold Noodle Bowl

This cold noodle bowl features fresh raw vegetables, vibrant cilantro, and a delicious honey sesame sauce to top it all off.

It’s finally warming up around here and the snow is almost gone. I can’t wait for summer! I don’t leave my house much in the winter. It’s so cold and so much effort to bundle up my baby girl who constantly kicks off her winter boots. I’m dreaming of warm days when I can just put my kiddo in the stroller and walk to the park in the sunshine.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for a delicious and fresh veggie cold noodle bowl that’s perfect for warmer days. I’ve collaborated with 8 other Canadian food bloggers to bring you our best recipes for springtime! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Spring is super exciting for Canadians. We get brutal winters and the hints of sunshine in the Spring are a relief.

Hot noodles are yummy but I LOVE cold noodles. I’ll eat any noodle dish cold the next day. I find the individual flavours come out even more when chilled. And the dish feels lighter and not so heavy and filling.

This cold noodle bowl features fresh raw vegetables, vibrant cilantro, and a delicious honey sesame sauce to top it all off.

I love the freshness of the raw vegetables and the cilantro and the lightness of the rice noodles. This cold noodle bowl is a Spring-y twist on noodles that’s both refreshing and crazy-flavourful with that delicious honey sesame sauce. This is a favourite meal at our house. It’s so easy and quick to throw together and it’s light yet satisfying and so flavourful.


Cilantro and Honey Sesame Cold Noodle Bowl

Servings 2


  • 150 grams thin rice noodles approx 1/3 a package


  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 4 tbsp honey
  • 4 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil

Veggies + toppings

  • 1/2 cucumber julienned
  • 1 carrot shredded
  • 1/2 block tofu cut into cubes
  • 8 green onions chopped
  • 1/2 cup cilantro chopped


  1. Cook rice noodles according to package instructions. Drain and rinse under cold water, set aside. 

  2. Stir together sauce ingredients. 

  3. Assemble bowls by adding half the noodles, veggies, and tofu in each one. Pour sauce overtop and enjoy! Tastes delicious as leftovers as well. 

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9 thoughts on “Cilantro and Honey Sesame Cold Noodle Bowl

  1. I totally agree with you Melanie… we Canadians are ready for spring. Love all the flavors in your noodle bowl – can’t wait to try! Thanks for being a host for this collaboration 🙂

  2. Love your idea of a cold noodle salad like this. This would make a lovely lunch to send to school with the kids (and one for me) I never thought to use the honey sesame sauce as a dressing… brilliant!!

  3. I am very recently obsessed with vermicelli rice noodles (since my summer roll post, actually!) and this bowl as me all OMG. They’re so nummy and chewy and perfect. And those tofu cubes! This bowl has my name written all over it. The only thing I’d have to bail on is the cilantro, because I’m one of those freaks whose genetically pre-disposed to hating it. It’s okay though, parsley works!

  4. I’ll skip the cilantro as well, but for the rest, this delicious bowl is going to happen soon! We have all the ingredients and love it! Thank you for including us even though we were late! It is a beautiful collaboration and we’re loving all the spring recipes (although this morning here in Edmonton it was snowing…) 🙂

  5. That looks like a great cold salad, all wonderful flavors. When I ake those they tend to just stick, got any tips? Yes any sign of decent weather and the terrace craze starts up. Thanks for hosting!

  6. I love anything with noodles so you have me sold! It is so bright and colourful which is great because it might attract my daughter into eating more veggies (she is a good eater but cucumbers are not her friend, lol.) Winter has a soft spot in my heart but I am ready for spring!!! Thanks again for all your work! PS: Don’t you just LOVE/HATE Jillian?! Haha.

  7. Looks delicious and very refreshing ! I love cold noodles too, vermicelli, soba, etc. Cilantro is my favourite herb, I add it to almost everything ! And I just started growing some of my own this year, they have just sprouted, will see how it goes ! It was a great round-up, thanks for organizing ! Happy Spring !

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