August Farmers Market Challenge: Week 2

August Farmers Market Challenge


We are nearing the end of Week 1 of the challenge! Above is a photo of my market buys for Week 1. It sure was a delicious week of meals! Here are my thoughts about Week 1:

  • I found myself craving something cold and sweet occasionally, I’m planning to make some frozen yogurt & berry popsicles for a cool treat during Week 2.
  • One stall sells cheese for double the price of the other ones! I only found that out after she cut and weighed the cheese- $10, oops!
  • Making dough for bread and pizza and pies takes some energy, this week I’ll make them all in one day and have them in the fridge all ready to roll and bake 🙂
  • I feel healthier than ever! I’m eating zero processed foods now and I’m noticing the difference. After this month-long challenge I want to continue eating mainly fresh, local produce 🙂

Now for Week 2’s meal plan & shopping list!

August Farmers Market Challenge- Week 2: healthy, delicious meals with local produce for a whole month! Yum! Here is my meal plan for week 2- feel free to follow along or make your own to be specific to the produce in your area. | The Refreshanista

This week is going to be delicious!

Have a great weekend 🙂