August Farmers Market Challenge- Week 1

Want to give your body the nutrients it needs while supporting your community? Join The August Farmers Market Challenge! | The RefreshanistaWoohoo! I’m so excited- the challenge starts tomorrow! If you haven’t signed up yet, its not too late 🙂 click here to get the details and join.

My market is open on Saturdays only, so my meal plans will be from Saturday-Friday. I’ll do my shopping on Saturday mornings and start my meal plan that day. I’ve made a meal plan and corresponding shopping list. The meals are based on East Coast Canadian produce, if you have similar produce available feel free to follow my meal plan. If not, think of your favourite recipes and make swaps to incorporate more local produce.You will probably notice from my meal plan that we LOVE sandwiches 😉 I plan to make my own mayo from local eggs for the spread. YUM. I also love to make my own bread so I will make a couple loaves this weekend 🙂

Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned when you start your shopping this weekend, things sell out- but don’t worry! Make substitutions with similar ingredients. Maybe they are sold out of blueberries- pick a different berry, your dish will still be delicious I promise 🙂 you can’t really go wrong with fresh produce!

I’ll be posting a recipe from my meal plan later this week 🙂

August Farmers Market Challenge- Week 1: healthy, delicious meals with local produce for a whole month! Yum! Here is my meal plan for week 1- feel free to follow along or make your own to be specific to the produce in your area. | The Refreshanista

If you have questions, leave a comment below or email me-

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Happy market-shopping!


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