August Farmers Market Challenge: The Last Week

August Farmers Market Challenge- Week 2: healthy, delicious meals with local produce for a whole month! Yum! Here is my meal plan for week 3- feel free to follow along or make your own to be specific to the produce in your area. | The Refreshanista

This month has gone by quickly! A whole month of 95% local food has been no easy feat. I’ve learned a lot in the process:

Eating local meant eating more fruits and veggies which was fantastic! I was feeling great from all the delicious and nutritious produce.

The challenge involved a lot of planning ahead. The markets are only open on Saturdays- meaning if I forgot to buy something then I couldn’t just go out and buy it midweek.

Eating all local meant a lot of cooking and prep time for me. I made lots of homemade bread and pie crusts. Delicious but time-consuming!

I have many new recipes I created to use local produce that are now favourites in our house!

Spontaneous events like grandparents visiting my parents house for lunch and a spur of the moment surprise birthday trip across the country to Calgary and Banff {which is where I am right now!} have made it hard to stay 100% local.


Because I was surprised with this trip to Calgary and Banff I wasn’t able to plan ahead for next week’s meal plan- and we will not be home Saturday to do our shopping! I have lots of leftover broccoli, eggs, kohlrabi, cabbage, carrots, yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries plus my fiancé can pick up some veggies from the farmers who sell some of their veggies on Wednesdays but I never know what he will be able to get.

Needless to say this week will be a bit different, I’ll be winging it! But I’m sure whatever I make with the assortment of fresh veggies I get will be delicious 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!


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