New Year Reflections + The Top 10 Posts of 2016

A list of the top 10 posts on The Refreshanista, includes veggie sushi, DIY face cream, and chocolate bark! And also- what's in store for the new year.

Can you believe it’ll be 2017 in just a couple days?! Where does the time go?! A lot of people seem to be complaining that 2016 was the worst year ever but it was the best year ever for me! I thought I’d do some reflection and share my top 10 posts of 2016 (if you just want some yummy recipes and beauty DIYs then scroll on down to the bottom 🙂 ).
In 2016, I married my best friend, gave birth to the most amazing little girl who has stolen my heart, and I graduated from university with a bachelors degree in biology. And that was all within a 4 month span! 2016 has definitely been a year of transition for me. I’m now a wife and a mom, and I’m no longer that student living with a friend with the freedom to do her own thing.

I won’t sugar coat it, I HATED it at first. I felt like I was going insane! I was used to going out for coffee whenever I pleased, sleeping til 10am, going shopping, going on dates with my man, and alone time. Suddenly I felt trapped at home with a tiny infant whom I couldn’t satisfy. The two of us had a very hard time with breastfeeding. In fact she didn’t get the hang of it for 6 months. She would sometimes be on the breast for 4 hours. I really felt lost and depressed and inadequate. What kind of pathetic mom am I that I can’t even feed my baby right? The negative self-talk in my head was overwhelming. I spent many many hours crying my eyes out. But my love for her grew each day, each time I looked into those big blue eyes. So I kept trying to breastfeed even though it seemed we would never be good at it. And then one day she just got the hang of it! It felt like a miracle! Her 1 hour sessions turned into 20 minutes and I felt less like a milk machine and more like a mama. We had more time to play, more time to dance, more time to go visit family.

I didn’t know I could love another human so much. I love the late night nursing sessions when she gently strokes my arm. And when she rests her head on my shoulder and falls asleep, the sweet sound of her breathing in my ear. I love her giant smile when I do a silly dance move. I love her contagious laugh when I pretend to be a dinosaur. I love when she cuddles up to me on the couch. I love her chubby cheeks, and I love to give her kisses on them all the time.

2016 has been a year of growth and change for me. It was a real rollercoaster but I look at what I’ve gotten out of it and I couldn’t be happier. I have my university degree. I have a patient, loving husband. I have a beautiful daughter who makes my heart explode with love.

In 2017 I plan to work harder and accomplish more:
I’m committing myself to 30 minutes of yoga each day. I have a lot of pain in my back and chest so I desperately need to stretch everyday. I also can’t seem to get rid of my pregnancy weight, so moving everyday will hopefully help with that. I’m not setting a weightloss goal this year. The number on the scale is not what’s important. The important thing is feeling energized and strong.

I’m starting an herbalism course! I’m super excited about this. I’m learning about medicinal plants and how to make tinctures, extracts, teas, salves, etc. Keep an eye on the blog because I’m sure I’ll be sharing even more of those types of posts!

I will finally plant a real garden this year. My husband and I have been talking about how we would love to grow our own organic veggies. It doesn’t get fresher than straight from your backyard!

I have a new camera and I’m finally able to get a new computer (mine was stolen several months ago). This means I’ll be incorporating more video content into my blog! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and now I finally have the tools to do it.

I’ve got a few ebooks in the works for the next few months! I’m working on a bowl meals cookbook. If you don’t know what bowl meals are, they’re basically a fully balanced meal all in one bowl: grains, protein, healthy fat, and lots of veggies or fruit. I’m also working on a natural beauty book 🙂

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And without further ado, here are the top 10 posts on The Refreshanista for 2016:

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1. DIY Vitamin E Nighttime Face Cream

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2. Delicious & Healthy Veggie Samosa Wraps

I love this body butter! So easy to make and helps with stretch marks. | The Refreshanista

3. DIY Lemon & Lavender Body Butter

Veggie Sushi- making your own sushi is easier than you think! This recipe is simple and delicious and full of veggies! | The Refreshanista #vegan #recipe #sushi

4. Veggie Sushi

This is the yummiest, easiest pizza I've ever made! | The Refreshanista

5. Caprese Pizza on Naan Bread

Dairy-free chocolate raspberry cups, so delicious! Only takes about half an hour and a few ingredients. Perfect for Valentine's Day. | The Refreshanista

6. 3-Ingredient Dairy-Free Chocolate Raspberry Cups

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7. How to Get Rid of a Stomach Ache Naturally

foot salve fb

8. DIY Soothing Cocoa Mint Foot Salve

9. Free eCourse: How to Turn Healthy Eating into a Habit

This bark is decadent, yet super healthy! Only 5 ingredients and super easy to make. | The Refreshanista

10.5-Ingredient Blueberry Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bark

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